Ecology & Environment Concept Set™



Components for 26 experiments for students working in groups of 2 or 3

As we develop green-based communities, we need to learn how we can live in equilibrium with our ecology and the environment. This Concept Set™ contains three experiments. The first deals with the effectiveness of detergents that we use to keep our homes clean. The second introduces how oil eating bacteria is used in bioremediation to clean oil spills. The third experiment uses Artemia as biological detectors of undesirable chemicals that may be present in water. All three experiments are designed with safe components when used as described. Additional details are provided in the individual experiments.

Includes one of each of the following experiments:

DD-301 How Clean is our Home? (10 Experiments)
DD-302 Bioremediation of Solid Oil by Oil-Eating Bacteria
(10 Experiments)
DD-304 Can Artemia Tell Us About Pollution? (6 Experiments)

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