What is GMO?

Summer is the perfect time to be outside, and if you need an excuse, grow some soybean and corn and learn about genetically modified plants with our kit DD-353. With this kit, you’ll be able to grow wild type and genetically modified soybean and corn. Compare their growth rates and see if there are differences between them. The seeds are genetically modified to be resistant to the weed killer RoundUp®. If you want to test that trait, you will have to spray the soil with the weed killer, then plant the seeds to observe the resistance. Spraying the plants after they grow will not work. Both wild type and genetically modified plants will die from direct spraying. Treating the soil with weed killer first, you will be able to observe the inability of the wild type seeds to germinate and the ability of the genetically modified seeds to resist the weed killer and germinate. Have fun!

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